The group provides predictive simulations of:
– high-harmonic spectra of solids upon strong laser field, from UV to mid IR, and the related electron excitation dynamics (TDDFT), [1-2]
– thermal and excitation predictions of metals and semiconductors using advanced two-temperature modeling [3-7] (completed by first-principles features [1]) for materials’ nanostructuring [8-12], chemical functionalization [6] and damage [7] induced by ultrashort laser pulses,
– polaritonic and plasmonic effects (field enhancement, nanostructuring [8-12]) in nano- and micrometric systems (nanoparticle, tips, thin films [7]),
– prediction of photo-emission spectra [2, in development],
– energy- and time-resolved pump-probe reflectivity (UV-IR) in the regime of materials modification.

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