Our TDDFT predictions are supporting tabletop attosecond spectroscopy experiments of the Charles University

Today, a new joint paper with the team of Martin Kozak of the Charles University was submitted for publication. The paper draft is available here and demonstrates an extraordinary agreement obtained between the harmonics generated from a silicon target irradiated with temporally-overlapping ultrashort laser pulses with the predictions prepared using the time-dependent density functional theory (TDDFT).

The paper suggests that the TDDFT simulation technique is sufficiently mature for making high-precision predictions for ultrashort laser processing and beyond.

Invited stay at the Instituto de Optica, CSIC, Madrid

Invited stay at the CSIC Madrid

TJY Derrien, leader of the Ultrafast Photonics group, was invited in the frame of CSIC-ILINK project for a duration of two weeks at the Instituto de Optica, CSIC, Madrid, Spain.

During this stay of 2 weeks in company of Prof. Javier Solis, Prof. Jan Siegel, Dr. Jörn Bonse, and Dr. Mario Garcia-Lechuga (project host), fruitful and exciting collaboration was initiated in view of preparation of a future joint funding.

During his visit, TJY Derrien gave seminar at the Instituto de Optica on Thu 5th of October, along with Prof. Jörn Bonse. Abstracts are available here.

LIPSS workshop

During the stay, the LIPSS workshop was also organized by Prof. Esther Rebollar and co-organizers.

We warmly thank our hosts for this wonderful hosting time and look forward to the next steps together!