Funding extended

The SLA department that hosts our research group has obtained a joint project OPJAK (Ministry of Research) in collaboration with several groups of the Institute of Physics (AS CR).

Our group is therefore prolonged by 1 year up to 2 FTE, counting 1 FTE for Dr. TJY Derrien, 0.5 FTE for Krystof Hlinomaz and 0.5 FTE for Kristyna Gazdova, effective from January 1st.

Krystof is planned to spend 0.5 FTE at TopTec (Turnov) and Kristyna has equivalent PhD contract in Brno.

We contributed to the 7th IT4I users meeting

TJY Derrien, head of the computational group of Ultrafast Photonics at HiLASE, attended the 7th IT4I supercomputer users meeting. The annual workshop is excellent to meet with colleagues from best computational groups of the country from IOCB, FZU, CEITEC Brno, CATRIN Olomouc, Institute of Plasma Physics, ELI beamlines, IT4I, and more.

There, TJYD delivered an oral presentation titled „Benchmark of time-dependent density functional theory simulations on a variety of European CPU-based supercomputers“. In this communication, he presented a summary of the predictions obtained using quantum numerical simulations (time-dependent density functional theory, TDDFT) along with an overview of high performance computation analyses gathered since 2016 on a variety of CPU-based super-computers.

He also attended the meeting with the Users Council as secretary and chaired the 2 sessions of presentations of Tuesday.

The IT4I center has been the main working tool of our computational group since 2019 and has been strategic for contributing to high impact factor studies with our collaborators.

7th IT4I Users meeting attendees in the super-computing room
Credits: IT4I

National conferences matter: Laser63 in Třešt’.

On Oct. 18th-20th 2023, TJY Derrien, head of the group of Ultrafast Photonics, has participated and gave an oral presentation at the Laser63 conference, a Czech conference organized by the Czech Academy of Sciences, that gathers Czech scientists and laser industrial ecosystem from the Czech Republic.

Beyond the language barrier, it was very appreciable to meet new collaborators and very important for enabling further sustainability to deliver a summary on our capacity to prepare predictive numerical simulations for fs and ps laser interaction with materials.

Credits: HiLASE Centre

The press releases prepared by HiLASE are here: website | LinkedIn.

The website of the Czech conference Laser63 is here (in Czech).