New conference communications from the group

In June 6th 2022, our PhD student Krystof Hlinomaz presented an oral contribution entitled “Towards description of mechanical damage of thin molybdenum film upon pulsed laser irradiation” at the HPLS&A conference held in Prague.

On July 8th 2022, our student Ghassan Aber presented a poster on DFT modeling of Ag and TiO2, realized under his previous affiliation, at the School of Laser In Materials Sciences (SLIMS) in Venice.

On July 20th 2022, T. J.-Y. Derrien will present an invited talk (30+10 min.) on transient plasmonics at the CECAM workshop “Light-matter interaction and ultrafast nonequilibrium dynamics in plasmonic materials”.

In October 2022, Krystof Hlinomaz will give an oral/poster contribution, and T. J.-Y. Derrien will give oral presentation at the “Multiscale Material Modeling” MMM conference in Baltimore.

Update on computational facilities [updated July 26th]

The group works at the moment using several sources of high power computations:

  • PRACE/DECI: the supercomputer Navigator (12 cores x 164 nodes) has now been fixed and is back online since July 20th, after 3 months of maintenance. This will be available until December 2022.
  • ELI cluster: collaboration with ELI beam-lines supercomputer Eclipse has started, while size of supercomputer is modest (16 cores x 84 nodes) but sufficient for TDDFT.
  • A new OPEN project for the Karolina supercomputer (64 cores x 720 nodes) can now be prepared (early August) and will use AMD processors. The tests on AMD have been well conclusive in our recent attempts.
  • BIATRI-SRV: the cluster of the department runs 64 cores and is sufficient for training students on Python, TTM, DFT, PBS, preparing post-processing of data and storing large amounts of simulation results.