Conferences & seminars up to June 2023 (updated)

This partially-funded-year, the group of Ultrafast Photonics will participate in the following conferences:

  • April 17th-18th: 5th BIATRI workshop will take place on these dates. This year, collaborators from BIATRI & ATLANTIC projects will be invited to the workshop, in addition to few external people. See announcement here.
  • April 26th: T. J.-Y. Derrien will present an invited lecture on bulk and surface polaritons from classical and quantum points of view at the University of Chemical Technologies (UCT). Stay tuned!
  • May 29th – June 2nd: T. J.-Y. Derrien will chair one session at European Materials Research Society (EMRS) Strasbourg, France, and present one oral contribution on symmetry breaking in laser processing.
  • June 13th-16th: Laser Precision Microfabrication (LPM) Japan, where TJY Derrien is honored to be co-organizer for a Special Symposium on Machine Learning in Laser Processing with Prof. Ishikawa (University of Tokyo) and Dr. Otobe (QST National Institute for Quantum Science and Technology).
  • June 13th-16th: A poster contribution for the LPM conference with prof. Bulgakova on bridging TDDFT and large-scale modeling using machine learning, a task related to the ATLANTIC project.
  • June 26th-30th: A contribution was submitted to CLEO Europe (Munich), on the observation of symmetry breaking in processing silicon at sufficiently high intensity. The work is supported by experimental results from Dr. Yoann Levy’s group at HiLASE, and is also related to a deliverable of the ATLANTIC project.

Other possibilities:

  • April 23rd-27th: SPIE Photonics 2023 will be hosted in Prague. We did not submit an abstract this year, but one may attend at last moment in consultation mode.

T. Derrien visited the group of Computational Chemistry in Cordoba, Argentina

Dr. Thibault J.-Y. Derrien, leader of the Group of Ultrafast Photonics of Department of Scientific Laser Applications of the HiLASE Centre, met with the groups of Dr. Matias Berdakin, Dr. German Soldano and Dr. Raul Bustos in Universidad Nacional de Cordoba (UNC, Argentina).

Scientists exchanged on mutual interests and initiated joint collaboration on common thematics.

Strengthening the diplomatic relations and the scientific programs between the Czech Republic and Argentina would be of great benefit for both countries.

This visit was supported by Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions (MSCA) for Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) “ATLANTIC”, a program of the European Union (grant agreement no. 823897).