Physics & Technology

  • Large-scale simulation of intense laser interaction with solids, particularly with semiconductors.
  • Mechanisms formation of various nanostructures at the surface of laser-irradiated materials, and large-scale production of highly regular structures.
  • Absorption of light by structured materials.
  • Surface polaritonics
  • Transient metallization of irradiated solids.

Computer simulations

  • Preparation of massively parallel and I/O intensive simulations using High Power Computers.
  • Quantum DFT and TDDFT simulations, light propagation FDTD, rate equations for laser-induced semiconductor modification.
  • Advanced automation using scripting in Python & Bash.
  • Self-development of C, Fortran and Python codes, with automated documentation.
  • Daily user of Git. Interested in entering community development.
  • Currently training on code optimization and CUDA GPU.

Large data management

  • Regular backup and archiving of research data on national facilities.
  • Used to massive loseless data transfers.
  • Aware of support-dependent finite archiving lifetimes.

Reporting / Drafting

  • Demonstrated capacity to acquire European funds through project proposals submission.
  • Demonstrated capacity to acquire computational resources on national and European facilities (PRACE).
  • Preparation of publication for presenting simulation data.


  • Workflow centralized & synchronized between Trello, Bitbucket & Google Agenda.
  • Looking for further progress towards advanced usage of Jira or TeamGantt.
  • Supervision of students.

Collaborative network

  • Creator of collaborative project Marie Sklodowska-Curie RISE “ATLANTIC” involving 14 theoretical groups in the world.
  • Excellent communication skills and used to multi-cultural & Western+Eastern types of working environments.