In June 6th 2022, our PhD student Krystof Hlinomaz presented an oral contribution entitled “Towards description of mechanical damage of thin molybdenum film upon pulsed laser irradiation” at the HPLS&A conference held in Prague.

On July 8th 2022, our student Ghassan Aber presented a poster on DFT modeling of Ag and TiO2, realized under his previous affiliation, at the School of Laser In Materials Sciences (SLIMS) in Venice.

On July 20th 2022, T. J.-Y. Derrien will present an invited talk (30+10 min.) on transient plasmonics at the CECAM workshop “Light-matter interaction and ultrafast nonequilibrium dynamics in plasmonic materials”.

In October 2022, Krystof Hlinomaz will give an oral/poster contribution, and T. J.-Y. Derrien will give oral presentation at the “Multiscale Material Modeling” MMM conference in Baltimore.

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