The group works at the moment using several sources of high power computations:

  • PRACE/DECI: the supercomputer Navigator (12 cores x 164 nodes) has now been fixed and is back online since July 20th, after 3 months of maintenance. This will be available until December 2022.
  • ELI cluster: collaboration with ELI beam-lines supercomputer Eclipse has started, while size of supercomputer is modest (16 cores x 84 nodes) but sufficient for TDDFT.
  • A new OPEN project for the Karolina supercomputer (64 cores x 720 nodes) can now be prepared (early August) and will use AMD processors. The tests on AMD have been well conclusive in our recent attempts.
  • BIATRI-SRV: the cluster of the department runs 64 cores and is sufficient for training students on Python, TTM, DFT, PBS, preparing post-processing of data and storing large amounts of simulation results.

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