On Wed. 10th April, 10am, T. J.-Y. Derrien will present an invited seminar at the Max Planck institute for Structure and Dynamics of matter (MPSD), in the Theory Department of Prof. Angel Rubio.

Announced title of the seminar is “Time-dependent density functional theory for femtosecond laser engineering of solids”.

In 2016, TJY Derrien spent 6 months in the Theory Department of Prof. A. Rubio as guest scientist of Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (Individual Fellowship). In 2018, he spent 1 year at MPSD as a post-doctoral scientist. There he was introduced to Quantum Electrodynamics and applied for ERC funding, with help from Dr. Micheal Ruggenthaler who is now permanent group leader at the MPSD.

There, he also met with numerous other excellent scientists among whom several joined the group of Prof. Prineha Narang located in Harvard (USA) at that time. In 2024, Prof. Narang (now permanent at UCLA) visited the Czech Republic as “Quantum ambassador” via the Embassy of United States in the Czech Republic.

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