2 PhD students from the University of Cuyo (Mendoza, Argentina) Andrés I. Bertoni and Micaela J. Sosa have visited the HiLASE laboratory during 2 months. While hot summer took place in Argentina, Andrés and Micaela have successfully braved the Czech winter.

Their 2-months stay was funded by the Marie Curie project ATLANTIC.

Out of their stay, they managed to enlarge the scope of the group activities to biology and to chemistry using microscopic modeling. They both contributed to the ATLANTIC project deliverables and knowledge exchange, a mission that Marie Curie Actions stand for.

The cultural exchange has also been excellent, sharing empanadas (!), music events, discussions in Spanish, and even in Czech. As a result, Czech-Argentinian relations have never been so well developed.

Their stay is definitely what Marie Curie Actions can offer at its best. We look forward to seeing them again with greatest pleasure.

From left to right: Marika Kurova, Andrés Bertoni (University de Cuyo, Argentina), Diego, Micaela J. Sosa (University de Cuyo, Argentina), Dr. Thibault JY Derrien (Hilase Centre, Czech Acad. Sci.)

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