From July 1st, the group of Ultrafast Photonics is funded by the Center of Excellent – Teaming Project of HiLASE Centre, until end of Dec 2023. After that date, FTEs of the group will decrease from 2.15 to 0.7 based on institutional funds. In the context of decrease of national budget investment into research by 50% in 2023 and 10% in 2024 (while cumulated inflation on the period 2017-2023 has been of 50%), the future of the research group has to rely on multiple applications for public funding and on attracting funds from private sector as well.

The group is open to any proposition that would improve conditions of work. Spinning-off for several activities is envisioned (e.g., nanostructuring, predictions for light-matter interaction, high-power computation).

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